ArgiLife FAQs

What is ArgiLife?

ArgiLife is a doctor formulated product, in the form of a delicious powdered drink mix, designed to help promote optimal cardiovascular health. Its active ingredient is arginine, a semi-essential amino acid that has been scientifically proven to improve vascular health. The arginine in ArgiLife is delivered in a low-fat mix of other heart-healthy ingredients, including Reveratrol, Vitamin D3, VitaminK2 and essential amino acids.

What’s in ArgiLife?

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How does ArgiLife work?

The active ingredient in ArgiLife products is arginine AAKG, an amino acid used by the human body to produce nitric oxide (NO), which helps blood vessels maintain their elasticity so blood can flow efficiently to the heart.

In people with or at risk of developing heart disease, NO production is reduced because arginine is converted less efficiently to NO; to maintain a healthy level of NO, extra arginine is needed by the body. ArgiLife may help to improve NO production by supplementing the body with the extra arginine needed. The most common source of arginine in the US is red meat, which is not a desirable source for consumption by persons with cardiovascular disease.

ArgiLife products are specifically designed for daily consumption by providing the extra arginine the body needs, without added calories or cholesterol.

It has been clinically proven that oral arginine supplementation can improve endothelial function and endogenous production of nitric oxide. In selected patients, it has been shown to improve blood flow, increase treadmill exercise performance and reduce some fatigue.

What foods would I have to eat to get the arginine I'd get from ArgiLife?

Soy, fish, nuts and some legumes are all good sources of arginine. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans get their arginine from red meats, which is not a desirable source of arginine. To get the amount of arginine you get in one ArgiLife you'd need to eat a substantial amount of red meat or shell fish.

Can’t I just take arginine capsules?

Certainly you can — but to get the same amount of arginine AKG you get in one ArgiLife you'd need to swallow twelve (12) capsules every day. Most people simply don't want to swallow that many capsules — and won't, not long-term. Patients report that when they use ArgiLife as part of their daily regimen, they see "high compliance." This is doctors' language for saying, people actually keep drinking the drink mix every day!

What's more, in ArgiLife you are getting your arginine in a powerful mix of many other heart-healthy ingredients, including essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

What is arginine?

Arginine is an semi- essential amino acid (a building block of protein). "Essential" means that our body cannot manufacture it: we must take it through our diet. Arginine plays a vital role in the manufacture of nitric oxide (NO), which is crucial to vascular health.

What is nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide (NO) is a potent vasodilator, which means that it helps to keep your blood vessels open, enabling good blood flow. The Nobel Price for Medicine was awarded in 1998 to three doctors for their discoveries of the role of nitric oxide.

Is ArgiLife mainly intended for people with cardiovascular disease?

No, not "mainly" and certainly not "exclusively." Everybody needs good, healthy blood flow throughout bodies, and everybody wants to live their lives with full energy, vitality and wellbeing!

What are “vascular conditions” and whom do they affect?

The most well-known vascular condition, of course, is coronary artery disease: heart problems. Cardiovascular disease is our nation's number one cause of death; in fact, it kills more people than the next nine leading causes of death combined!

However, there are many other, perhaps less well-known vascular problems. Erectile dysfunction and other forms of compromised sexual function may be vascular in nature. People with diabetes commonly suffer from a range of vascular problems, which can impair eyesight, circulation to the kidneys, limbs and other symptoms as well as heart disease. Stroke, angina, and Reyes Syndrome are other examples of vascular conditions. One in four American adults has high blood pressure (American Heart Association, 1999) — only one of six risk factors identified by the American Heart Association.

How do I know if I am “at risk” for cardiovascular problems?

The American Heart Association has identified six factors that may indicate a greater risk of developing heart disease:

If you have diabetes…
If you smoke (or have smoked in the past)…
If you have high blood pressure…
If you have high cholesterol…
If you are seriously overweight (which includes six out of every ten people in the United States)…
If anyone in your family has a history of heart disease…

NOTE: Patients should not undertake any type of self-diagnoses or self-treatment without the active supervision of a physician. If you have any medical questions, we recommend you consult your physician.

Is ArgiLife a replacement for existing medical approaches to treating coronary artery and vascular disease?

No. Physicians have used ArgiLife as a valuable part in their overall strategy for the dietary management of vascular conditions. However, it is not intended to replace or supplant existing medical approaches to therapy. Those interested in using ArgiLife to help improve an existing cardiovascular condition should consult their physician.

Does ArgiLife cause weight gain or have adverse metabolic effects?

In clinical studies, patients who consumed ArgiLifes that contained a total of 8 grams of arginine daily did not experience weight gain. ArgiLife in a small clinical study reduced total and LDL cholesterol.